How to choose an Office Chair


With so much choice available choosing the perfect office chair to meet your needs can leave your head in a spin. When you start shopping around for your new chair you need to consider: the practicality and comfort; the features of the chair and also how to clean the chair.

It’s very easy to buy an uncomfortable office chair just because you like what it looks like and not consider the practicality.

The longer you’re using the chair, the more adjustable features you’ll need to feel comfortable. An ergonomic office chair will provide your body with the support it needs for sitting at your desk for long periods at a time.

When buying a new office chair you need to look out for these features:

  • Adjustability – Almost all office chairs have the basic seat height and back tilt adjustments, but there are other adjustments that are just as important to ensure that you are sitting at your desk comfortably. Important adjustable features that you should look out for when buying your office chair includes: back height adjustment, seat height, arm rest options, seat and back tilt and also back and seat angle adjustment.
  • Wheel Base – Having an office chair with a wheel base makes it easy to move around and help prevents you from straining yourself by reaching for items that are out of reach. It’s also a great fun to travel to your colleagues desk on your chair!
  • Swivel base – When you’re sat working at your desk, you don’t want to feel restricted like you can’t move to reach items on your desk. If the chair doesn’t swivel you may have to frequently twist your whole body to reach – which isn’t good for your back.
  • Flexible seating – Sitting down for long periods at a time is bad for our bodies. The longer you’re sat in your office chair then the more important the chair movements becomes.You want to have the ability to adjust your chair into a position that you feel comfortable in such as reclining the back of the chair. You need to maintain a good posture.
  • Armrests – If you’re spending a lot of time at your desk you’re going to want your chair to have armrest to support the weight of your arms. An office chair with fixed armrests is fine if you’re not using it very often, but for extended use the arms should adjust slightly. You want the arm rests to adjust in height to allow your shoulders to relax.


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